The Post You Have All Been Waiting For

The Amazon river runs for thousands of miles.

At some points it runs through areas of the rain forest that are almost untouched and have barely been explored.

Because of the porous limestone in these areas, the river water leaks through the stone and travels deep into the earth forming underground pools almost a mile below the surface.

Over thousands of years small, blind, transparent fish have lived and evolved in these pools.

These fish have never seen the sun or surface and have never been seen by the human eye…

These fish will not be signing up for the CrossFit Open.

YOU, on the other hand, have a great opportunity to do so, and this is my annual “call to action” write-up to hopefully foster as much participation as possible!

The CrossFit Open has been around since the year 2011, and is significant because it represents the first step in qualifying for the CrossFit Games.

Of almost greater significance, the CrossFit Open is a grand scale event that mixes the sport of CrossFit with that of the grassroots aspect of community on a global level. Its evolution over the years has served to foster inclusion and involvement in a multitude of ways, and this year is no different.

The qualification process from the CrossFit Open to the CrossFit Games has changed drastically over the years, and with the challenges presented from 2020, there were some significant changes that will mark the 2021 CrossFit Open as a benchmark in the overall history of CrossFit. (Which, in my opinion, is all the more reason to participate!)

Here is what you need to know:

In previous years the CrossFit Open was 5-6 weeks long. A workout was announced every week on Thursday evening, and participants had until Monday evening the following week to perform the workout and submit a verified score.

This year instead of 5-6 workouts, there are only 3 that 90% of the population will need to worry about. The format will be the same with the workout announcement on Thursday evening, and submission deadline by the following Monday.

This year’s open was designed with different situations and circumstances in mind as they still relate to operating procedures and individual measures surrounding Covid 19.

The Open will have multiple divisions that participants can choose based on their specific situation and comfort level.

With the 3 workouts, there is a short list of required equipment for athletes wishing to perform as RX.

The top 10% of athletes in each continent will advance to the next level of competition where the required equipment and degree of difficulty will undoubtedly be much more involved.

To OFFICIALLY participate in the Open, the individual cost is $20 dollars. This fee DOES NOT go to my gym. The sole purpose of the $20 dollar registration fee is to have an account on the CrossFit Games website where you will see your scores and standings on the leaderboard.

That’s it.


Either way, I encourage ANYONE and EVERYONE to do the workouts over the next 3 weeks. It doesn’t matter if you have been doing CrossFit for 1 day, or 1 year, I will guide you through your Open experience from start to finish.

As a gym, in years past we made Saturday our event day, and I would have participants sign up in heats to do the workout. I really like the current vibe of our Saturday partner workouts, so I’ve decided instead of disrupting the Saturday vibe for the next 3 weeks, I will disrupt the MONDAY vibe instead and make the Open workouts the workout of the day on Monday.

Again…another reason you should register…you will be doing the workouts anyway!

(Note: This also works well with the impending snow storm of doom that is forecasted for this weekend…stay tuned for updates on that)

I feel like making the open workout the workout of the day on Monday will allow time for people to practice or even do the workout in advance between Thursday-Sunday. It will also allow for people to have adequate rest over the weekend and be able to hit the workout fresh on Monday much like we do with the idea of jump starting the week with a hero workout.

Also Note: I will always facilitate your schedule in order to get you through these workouts. I can be flexible from the minute the workout is announced on Thursday up until the submission deadline on Monday. So if you can’t make it to a class on Monday, or if you want to do the workout earlier, just let me know a time that works for you, and we will make it happen!

I have participated in every CrossFit Open since its inception.

I was competitive in my earlier years, but as time marched on, my objectives and my priorities changed.

There was a noticeable shift in my desire of wanting TO PERFORM well for myself versus wanting to be the one TO COACH others to perform well for themselves.

The underlying themes for me this year are adaptation and opportunity.

After the year we experienced in 2020, I look forward to embracing the changes this year and using them to further ignite my purpose and my passion as a gym owner and as your coach.

Follow the link below to join me!

The first workout is announced today, Thursday, at 6pm, and the deadline to register is Monday evening at 6pm, along with the submission of workout 21.1

Lastly, to my OG followers, it is still plenty acceptable to open hand slap someone who refers to the “CrossFit Open” as “The Opens” Just this year make sure and use hand sanitizer afterwards..and maybe even before…just because…