Surgery For Scooter

My name is Ryan and I am volunteer with Friends of Retired Greyhounds.

My girlfriend, Jenna, and I were Scooter’s foster parents for a long while.

Scooter came to us with a broken leg that was in a cast, and unfortunately the amount of time the cast was on caused it to rub a significant lesion on his “heel” which due to his thin skin was not a good spot to have an injury.

After month’s of bandaging and hoping the wound would close on its own, Dr. Willer of Royal Vista tried a technique that expanded the skin around Scooter’s wound, and allowed for the wound to be stitched closed.

Shortly after this procedure, Scooter landed himself a great forever home with Pedro and Yanaira.

Unfortunately, Scooter suffered an injury and had to undergo another surgery for the same leg.

Since then his leg has not healed the way the doctors had hoped, and the determined course of action is now amputating the limb.

Scooter’s mom and dad are heartbroken by this, but they know he is in pain, and that he can live a long, healthy life pain free with this procedure.

They do have a GoFundMe page for Scooter, but I contacted Royal Vista directly and they said donations can be made on Scooter’s behalf through their office!

If you want to make a donation to help offset the cost of Scooter’s procedure you will simply need to call Royal Vista in Windsor at 970-528-5191 and a credit card payment can be processed over the phone that will go directly to the care and treatment of Scooter.

The total estimated cost is $2300, and honestly, any and every amount helps!