Pounds For Pups – 2019

Wild Horizons CrossFit presents a charity fundraiser competition benefiting Animal House Rescue and Grooming in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Saturday, June 22, 2019


Heat times are TBD but this will be a fast event! 


Wild Horizons CrossFit

2160 West Drake Road Unit A1-2

Fort Collins, CO 80526


Competition Details:

The event is a team event with male and female divisions.

Similar to last year’s format, there are 3 events, and each individual on the team is responsible for completing 1 event.

The first year we did the CrossFit total, the second year we did the Power Lifting Total, and last year we did the Outlaw Total which showcased the olympic lifts and a 3 rep max front squat.

This year I wanted to mix it up a bit, so the events have more of a strongman theme to them.

Event 1:

This event consists of a 10 minute time cap in which one member of the team must establish a 1 Rep Max Fat Bar Deadlift. The fat bars weigh 25# unloaded, and are considerably thicker than a regular barbell. The style of deadlift is conventional, an overhand grip must be used, and lifting straps are not allowed. There is no limit to the number of attempts that can be made. Score is pounds of heaviest successful lift. 

Event 2:

This event is a stone loading AMRAP. One member of the team will have 3 minutes to load a stone to a set of jerk blocks as many times as they can for point accumulation. The number of points accumulated will depend on the stone selected. Once the athlete begins their workout, they may not switch stones. The weights of the stones and corresponding points are as follows:


115# = 3pts

145# = 5pts

175# = 7pts

233# = 10pts


70# = 3pts

95# = 5pts

115# = 7pts

130# = 10pts

The height of the jerk blocks for the men will be 44″ and the height for the ladies will be 38″

Event 3:

This event is a tire flip for time. One member of the team will flip a tire 100ft for time. The distance will be in 50ft increments in a down and back fashion for 100ft total. The men’s tire weighs approximately 550lbs and the ladies tire weighs about 400lbs.

Event 4:

Event 4 will only be used in the event of a tie breaker, and will be disclosed if necessary.


Cost is $30 minimum per team, but you may definitely donate more, and use those credits towards the raffle. One person can register an entire team, or each participant can donate $10+ to secure their team spot or earn ticket credits for the raffle. 

In order to register a team, you must make a donation to the Animal House website with the link provided below, and present a screenshot of the receipt with the DATE and the AMOUNT of the donation to secure your entry. 

Donations can be made starting TODAY (May 17) through Wednesday June 20th. 

Screen shots of donations can be sent to Ryan Garcia via email at: wildhorizonscf@gmail.com

As mentioned, there will be an in house raffle, and you can donate extra in your team registration to secure credits for raffle tickets. Raffle tickets can also be purchased on site the day of. 

Raffle tickets will be 1 for $1, so if you donate $100, you will receive 100 raffle tickets!

More details on sponsors and raffle items will be announced in the upcoming weeks.

When you make your donation put “Pounds For Pups 2019” in the special instructions line. 



Once you have registered a team, send me a screen shot of your receipt along with the names of the team members and a team name. The more dog themed the team name is, the better! 

For any inquiries or concerns please contact:

Ryan Garcia