Pounds For Pups – 2017


Wild Horizons CrossFit presents a charity fundraiser competition benefiting Animal House Rescue and Grooming in Fort Collins, Colorado.

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Saturday, August 12th, 2017


The first heat starts at 10am.

9am-10am will be specifically allotted for social time with Animal House and their adoptable dogs who will be on site from approximately 9am-12pm, depending on their ability to provide volunteers, as well as other factors such as heat, and attitude of the dogs.


Wild Horizons CrossFit

2160 West Drake Road Unit A1-2

Fort Collins, CO 80526


Competition Details:

In co-ed teams of 2 (1 Male, and 1 Female) athletes will establish individual lifts of the “CrossFit Football Total”

The “CrossFit Football Total” consists of the following lifts:

1 Rep Max Power Clean

1 Rep Max Back Squat

1 Rep Max Bench Press

1 Rep Max Deadlift

Normally the CrossFit Football allows for only 3 attempts at each lift after warm up reps, but for the competition, there is NO LIMIT to the amount of attempts you may have to get a successful 1 Rep Max. However, there will be a time limit. There will be a built in 15 minute warm up time, and then an allotted 40 minutes of lifting time (10 minutes per lift). Each lift must be complete IN ORDER, and before the the 10 minute cut off for each lift. Teams may work AHEAD of the 10 minute cut off times for each lift, but may not fall behind, and will be forced to move on to the next lift after each allotted 10 min window.

The twist in this event is that each partner will only do 2 of the lifts. Teams may choose which partner does which lift, as long as they are completed in order, and within the 10 min cap for each lift.

The team score will be the combined totals lifted in an allotted time.


Cost is $60 per team, and all proceeds go to Animal House.

The first 25 teams to register will receive a goodie bag with donations from our sponsors.

There will be a raffle for spectators, athletes, volunteers, and guests to participate in, a prize for the team with the best team name, and grand prizes for the top 3 teams!


All teams will pay $60 to participate, but in an effort to attract more donations, individual teams may elect to find a business or entity to sponsor them for the competition.

This provides teams with the opportunity to be resourceful with family, friends, businesses, and other interested third parties.

A sponsorship can come in the form of covering the registration fee for the team, or for pledging to donate a monetary amount for total weight lifted for that team.

If you know of, or are a business that is interested in donating, there are several options available in which to do so:

*Sponsor a team by covering their registration fee, or donate a fixed amount that exceeds that of the registration fee.

*Pledge to donate a monetary denomination for every pound lifted for a team.

(Last year we did .05, .10, .25, and .50 cents a pound)

*Pay for booth space and/or logo placement at the event.

*Donate prizes/product for the goodie bags, raffle, or top teams.



Only ONE athlete from each team needs to register as a guest on Zen Planner, register for the event on the calendar, and make the $60 payment for the team. I will contact each individual that registered to get more team info!

Be sure and have a team name ready as well! The more dog themed, the better! 

For any inquiries or concerns please contact:

Ryan Garcia




(This list will continue to grow as we add more sponsors in weeks leading up to the event!)