About The Owner


Owner/Head Coach: Ryan Garcia


As a highly trained, results oriented, and enthusiastic fitness professional, Ryan has the ability to facilitate a positive and constructive training experience. With an understanding of simple and complex body movements Ryan has a versatile approach to effective training and translating movement patterns and concepts to individuals of all skill and ability levels. As a trainer and competitor Ryan is well versed in CrossFit methodologies, has a strong background in overall fitness, and is eager to help you achieve your fitness goals of any proportion.

 Certifications: CrossFit Level I, Crossfit Mobility, CrossFit Goal Setting, CrossFit Gymnastics, Crossfit Kids, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Competitor’s Course, USAW L1.

Seminars Hosted And Attended:

Strength Specific Seminars (2011), Kendrick Farris: Bless The Gym (2014/2015), The Outlaw Barbell Connectivity Seminar (2015), Jon North and Jared Enderton Attitude Nation Seminar (2016), Alyssa Ritchey Gymnastics Seminar (2016), Donny Shankle (2017), Norik Vardanian and Jenny Arthur (2017), Carl Paoli Freestyle Movement (2018).


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