Our Coaches


Owner/Head Coach: Ryan Garcia


As a highly trained, results oriented, and enthusiastic fitness professional, Ryan has the ability to facilitate a positive and constructive training experience. With an understanding of simple and complex body movements Ryan has a versatile approach to effective training and translating movement patterns and concepts to individuals of all skill and ability levels. As a trainer and competitor Ryan is well versed in CrossFit methodologies, has a strong background in overall fitness, and is eager to help you achieve your fitness goals of any proportion.

 Certifications: CrossFit Level I, Crossfit Mobility, CrossFit Goal Setting, CrossFit Gymnastics, Crossfit Kids, CrossFit Endurance, CrossFit Football, CrossFit Competitor’s Course, USAW L1.

Seminars Hosted And Attended:

Strength Specific Seminars (2011), Kendrick Farris: Bless The Gym (2014/2015), The Outlaw Barbell Connectivity Seminar (2015), Jon North and Jared Enderton Attitude Nation Seminar (2016), Alyssa Ritchey Gymnastics Seminar (2016), Donny Shankle (2017), Norik Vardanian and Jenny Arthur (2017)


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