No Tricks, Just Treats…A Cinderella Story

Meet Minnie!

Many of you have been following her adventure from Oman to the United States.

My girlfriend and I were able to take her in as a foster in early July.

She was extremely skittish, and easily spooked by almost everything she encountered.

I told someone she was zero fight, and all flight…looking for pretty much any opportunity to escape or flee if she needed.

Luckily I have some experience with similar dogs, so I figured the best thing she needed was time, and a little bit of space to decompress.

We set her up with a “safe space” crate at home where was content to observe everything going on in our house.

I was able to acquire a small travel sized crate to be able to take her to work with me as well!

We only had her in our house for a few weeks before she landed in a potential adoption home, but during those few weeks in our home she started showing glimpses of her true personality. We worked with her to establish a good routine so she could feel safe, and understand her role in our house. With her increased trust in us, she earned extra privileges. She became treat and food motivated, she discovered the comfort of beds and couches outside of her crate, and she began to actively seek attention from us in the form of pets or snuggles! In seeing this progress from her, we felt confident she had the ability to thrive in her new home.

Minnie was gone for a couple of weeks in the potential adoption home, but to no fault of the family, it just wasn’t a good fit for her. I would like to extend a special thank you to that family for doing everything they felt was right for Minnie while she was in their home. They deserve thanks and recognition for absolutely having Minnie’s best interest in mind, even though that meant having to give her up. That is not an easy thing to do, but they did it with grace and humility. Thank you!

Upon getting Minnie back in our home, she almost instantly settled back into her old routine, as if she had never left. We still afforded her the time to decompress again, but with each passing day she became braver as far as interacting with our other dogs, interacting with us, seeking affection and attention, and of course, begging for food and treats.

We shared private updates about Minnie’s progress with the members of FORG, and a few other close friends. She had been bounced around so much, I didn’t feel like it was fair to keep posting updates publically, potentially making people think she was a tough placement or impossible case.

Over the last few months, my girlfriend and I fell in love with Minnie. Each day brought deeper glimpses into her personality, and with that extra personality came more snuggles, more affection, and most importantly, more boosts to her own confidence! She no longer seeks a safe space safe space to run and hide, and we don’t use the crate at home for her anymore. She no longer eats separate from the other dogs, but instead has a special place she eats among the others. She loves spending time in the backyard, and has taken cues from our other dogs in greeting us when we get home!

With so much progress we knew we didn’t want to put Minnie through any more transitions, and potential regressions. About a month ago we decided that she is in her forever home with us!

We told a few people privately, but today, we are making it officially official!

Welcome home, Minnie!

A big THANK YOU to FORG for making this possible! I encourage everyone to support FORG and their mission any way that you can. It has been a hard few years for everyone, but nonprofits and small businesses have been largely impacted. Their efforts make success stories like this possible!