Mouse In The House

Today marks exactly ONE YEAR since Minnie came to our home!

June 30th, 2021 Lee and Roxann dropped Minnie off at my gym.

She was tired, and unsure of her new surroundings.

With some patience, structure, and a lot of help from our pack, Minnie began to blossom.

I’ve given a few updates this past year, and today I am happy to share that Minnie is very comfortable in our home, and we get deeper glimpses into her silly, sweet personality every day.

She has grown to trust us, and she actively seeks our affection any chance she gets.

Enjoy this photo dump that captures some of Minnie’s highlights!

Minnie After Getting Dropped Off At My Gym

Minnie In Her Travel Crate With Her New Vest

One Of Minnie’s Favorite Beds

Minnie In The Yard – Look How Skinny She Is!

One Of Her First Times Seeking Affection From Me

Adoption Day!
The Day She Actually Started Making Eye Contact With Me
She Loves The Sun
Master Beggar

Watching Sports Bores Her, But She’s A Great Snuggle Buddy

She Loves Jenna
She Loves Our Bed
She’s Quite The Ham
Speaking Of Ham….
She Let Jenna Pick Her Up!
She Would Probably Be Weirded Out If She Saw How Many Pictures On My Phone I Have Of Her Sleeping.

She Is Quite The Ring Leader When It Comes To Begging For Treats

Little Mouse On A Big Couch

Lazy Mornings Are The Best Mornings

Ready For Her Close Up
Sits On Command

…Especially When Treats Are Involved
She Fits In Quite Nicely With Our Pack

Loves The Yard
Soaking Up The Sun

I Am Her Designated Butt Scratcher
She Can Be Very Demanding
Never A Dull Moment

Here’s To Many More Years!