Jump Start 2022

Traditionally, most CrossFit gyms never get a big influx of members at the beginning of the year like most globo gyms do.

Unless someone has REALLY been wanting to get into CrossFit at the beginning of the year, January is decently slow for most CrossFit gyms, especially with some members still on winter break through mid to late January.

For me, February tends to be one of the busier months. I feel like the reasoning behind this has to do with timing, of course. January is a nice recovery month for a lot of people coming off of the holidays. With the hustle and bustle that October-December brings, despite resolution madness, January is a nice month for most people to just chill, and finally have some breathing room to catch up on things.

Another reason I feel that February is busier than January is that maybe some people DO get into something at the beginning of the year, but after a month, they already lose interest, and begin to ask around or look around to see what else is out there, and that usually leads them to CrossFit.

I am not saying there aren’t other quality gyms and exercise programs out there, nor am I saying that everyone lacks personal accountability or motivation. What I am saying is that CrossFit provides an atmosphere of accountability and motivation that some might miss out on while trying to get into something on their own, especially at the beginning of the year!

If anything mentioned above resonates with you, this deal was catered for you in an attempt to help jump start your fitness this year!

Claim any of the offers below, and you will get the rest of January FREE, with your chosen membership option starting February 1st. Deals expire January 31st. Feel free to contact me directly if you have any questions!

-Coach G



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