Battle Buddies – Veteran’s Day 2017




Here are all of the results from yesterday! This was such a fun event, and I am super appreciative for everyone who came out to participate, assist, and spectate!

We have a total of 15 teams for the event!

7 Female Teams:

1. Triple Threat

2. A Few Good Women

3. USS YokeTown

4. GI Janes

5. Red, White, and Boobs

6. Awkward Turtles

7. Victorious Secret

8 Male Teams:

1. Swol Team 6

2. Sweattysberg

3. In Quads We Trust

4. Mustache Rides and Muscle Ups

5. Armed Swoldiers

6. PHIT Gym

7. Team PHIT

8. High Speed, Low Drag

Schedule of events:

The doors open Saturday morning at 730am.

There is plenty of parking in the front, the address is 2160 West Drake Road Unit A1-2, but in a GPS that address takes you to the Safeway gas station which is on the opposite end of the plaza from our location. Refer to the overhead map for better reference:


The CrossFit Total will be the first event.

If you are in the opening heats, feel free to show up as early as you want to check in, do your general prep and stretching to warm up.

There will be designated lanes set up for the lifts, and you will have 10 minutes of built in warm up time in your lanes. During that time it is advised you prepare for a heavy squat opener once your 20 minute clock starts.

Members of your team DO NOT have to be present until their designated heat times, HOWEVER, team mates MAY help the lifter load and unload their weights, and spot if necessary, so it might be nice to plan for that!

There are 3 heats for the CrossFit total.

The order of movements for the total will be Back Squat, Strict Press, Deadlift.

Once all heats of the total have finished, there will be a brief intermission to set the gym up for the PFT.

The PFT will roll in 5 minute staggered heats, with 4 individuals in each heat.

The order will be pull ups, sit ups, run.

There will be 3 minutes between each event.

Take note of the requirements based on age and altitude for all of the events.

Scores will be a calculated accordingly, and it is definitely advised that if you CAN do more than the perfect score totals, you do so for the sake of a tie breaker.

After the PFT there will be another short intermission to set the gym up for “The Chief”.

“The Chief” will go in 2 heats: a female heat, and a male heat.

The ranking score taken from each individual will be their lowest score, HOWEVER, in the event of a tie, the tie breaker will be TOTAL ROUNDS added up for all 5 work intervals.


CrossFit Total

Heat 1: 0850AM

  1. Triple Threat
  2. Red, White, and Boobs
  3. A Few Good Women
  4. G.I. Janes
  5. The Awkward Turtles
  6. USS YokeTown

Heat 2: 0925AM

  1. Victorious Secret
  2. PHIT Gym
  3. Mustache Rides and Muscle Ups
  4. In Quads We Trust
  5. Sweattysburg

Heat 3: 1000AM

  1. Team PHIT
  2. High Speed, Low Drag
  3. Armed Swoldiers
  4. Swol Team 6


Heat 1: 1040AM

Triple Threat

Red, White, and Boobs

A Few Good Women

GI Janes

Heat 2: 1045AM

The Awkward Turtles

USS YokeTown

Victorious Secret

Heat 3: 1050AM


Swol Team 6

In Quads We Trust

Mustache Rides and Muscle Ups

Heat 4: 1055AM


High Speed, Low Drag

Armed Swoldiers


The Chief

Heat 1: 1135AM

  1. Triple Threat
  2. Red, White, and Boobs
  3. A Few Good Women
  4. G.I. Janes
  5. The Awkward Turtles
  6. USS Yoketown
  7. Victorious Secret

Heat 2: 1200PM

  1. Swol Team 6
  2. In Quads We Trust
  3. PHIT Gym
  4. Team PHIT
  5. Mustache Rides and Muscle Ups
  6. High Speed, Low Drag
  7. Armed Swoldiers
  8. Sweattysburg


Review all information below for more specific details on each portion:


The Workouts

Workout 1:
CrossFit Total
1RM Back Squat
1RM Strict Press
1RM Deadlift

Movements Must Be Performed In This Order:
The athlete will have 20 mins to complete their total.
(Athletes will have 10 minutes in their lanes to warm up prior to their actual 20 min start time, so ideally, once the 20 min time starts, the athlete should be ready to hit a heavy judged attempt of their back squat)

Back Squat Range Of Motion Standards:

Strict Press Range Of Motion Standards:

Deadlift Range Of Motion Standards:

Sumo Deadlifts WILL be allowed:

Straps WILL NOT be allowed. Knee sleeves, wraps, and belts WILL be allowed.

Workout 2:
Marine Corps PFT

There have been a few standards to the composition and execution of the Marine PFT since I last did it, but we will do our best to closely mimic the current standards.

The Marine PFT consists of 3 primary elements:
Max Strict Unbroken Pull Ups
Max Sit Ups in 2 Minutes
3 Mile Run For Time

(The movements will be performed in this order on the day of the event)

*There was a push up element added as an option instead of pull ups, but for this competition we WILL NOT be doing push ups.

*For ladies, a flexed arm hang used to be the test but they have moved to pull ups as the test as well. So men and women will be doing strict pull ups for this event.

*The sit ups normally call for another Marine to anchor the feet of the Marine doing the sit ups. For the sake of continuity, the athlete’s feet will be anchored by a pair of dumbbells.

*The run is 3 miles, and we will do it in sunshine, rain, and snow, so be prepared for the elements. The only way the run will be cancelled will be if there is a lot of ice on the course. A 5000m row will be the replacement.

Using the website below you can find all of the scores, standards, and the calculator that this event will be based on.

Take note of the scores in relation to gender and ages, we will honor the age differences in minimum and maximum requirements. A perfect score on the PFT is 300, but for the sake of tie breakers, athletes may do MORE reps than what is considered a perfect score.

Lastly, the Marines stationed here in Fort Collins run their PFT with the altitude allowance for the run. Being over 4500ft above sea level, the run times are increased by 1:30. For example, for most age groups an 18:00 3 mile run time is a perfect score. At altitude, a perfect score is 19:30.

PFT Pull Up Execution

PFT Sit Up Execution

(Note: Feet Will Be Anchored Under A Pair Of Dumbbells)

Male/Female Pull Up Chart

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 2.06.19 PM.png

Male/Female Sit Up Chart

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 2.08.54 PM.png

Male/Female Altitude Run Chart

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 2.07.52 PM.png

Workout #3
Hero WOD: “The Chief”

Max rounds in 3 minutes of:
3 Power Cleans 135/95#
6 Push Ups
9 Squats

Rest 1 minute. Repeat for a total of 5 cycles.

Screen Shot 2017-10-25 at 2.17.30 PM.png

For “The Chief” athletes must complete a minimum requirement of 1 round for all 5 cycles.

We will be playing by house rules for this one.

The way “The Chief” will be scored will be by your LOWEST round score.

The idea behind this is so that there is no sandbagging or pacing early on.

For exampled: If an athlete gets 4 rounds the first set and then get 5 rounds in all other sets, that won’t matter because the 4 is the low score that will count when it comes to placing.

So for this workout it is important that you come out swinging, and then hold on for consistency in the later rounds.

My athletes will tell you how much they “love” that…

Power Clean Standards For “The Chief”

Push Up Standards For “The Chief”

Air Squat Standards For “The Chief”


The Registration Fee Is $21 Per Team.

Only 1 Member From Each Team Needs To Register.

I will contact the payee of each team for a team name.

Register Here:




Battle Buddies Team Entry Fee

November 11th, Veteran's Day Event Teams of 3 Male/Female Divisions Each athlete does 1 workout.