2018 Maltz Challenge


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This page was created to serve as a reference for the expectations and movement standards for Saturday.

YES, this is meant to be a FUN, community oriented event to foster camaraderie and embody the spirit of paying tribute through fitness.

HOWEVER, the workout is challenging, and there are expectations and standards for the movements that I will be enforcing.

Your ability to execute the movements to standards will determine which exercises you do. While this is meant to be a fun and challenging event, I DO NOT want anyone to get hurt, or over work themselves past a capacity that is safe for them.

A little discomfort is OK, after all, it is a hero workout, but that discomfort will not come at the expense of form, technique, and safety.

FEAR NOT, though!

No matter where your current level of physical fitness is, you CAN (and should) do this workout!

There are infinite modifications for everything, and I will ensure everyone is executing a version of the workout that is best suited for their ability.

Note: This does not mean it will be EASY, it will just be adaptive and smart.

Members at my gym know that I have a soft spot for the hero workouts. As a former Marine, I follow all of the hero workouts published by CrossFit.com, and there is a time of year where every Monday we have a hero workout as our Workout Of the Day (WOD).

I feel there is something significant to be said for putting your body through a physically demanding workout in order to pay respects to men and women who gave the ultimate sacrifice in the line of duty protecting the freedoms you and I continue to enjoy on a daily basis.

That is what this Saturday is ultimately about.

So let’s get to it:

The workout, AKA the FULL Maltz is as follows:

For Time

400m Run

50 Pull Ups

100m Fireman’s Carry or 200m Farmer’s Walk With 50/25# Dumbbells

50 Ring Dips

100 Push Ups

50 Knees To Elbows

100 Ab Mat Sit Ups

400m Run

The 400m Runs:

These runs should not be a huge issue, as far as distance, it is only 1/2 mile total.

If you can’t run fast, then run slow…or walk.

If you have an injury that limits your ability to run, we can scale to the stationary bike, or you can row 500m as the appropriate equivalent.

The Pull Ups:

No matter which style of pull up you choose to do, the expected range of motion is FULL DEAD HANG at the bottom of the rep, and CHIN OVER THE BAR at the top of the rep.

Half reps (aka bro reps) will not be allowed.

These pull ups can be strict if you have them, or if you know how to kip, you may use a kip to get your chin over.

Any grip is fine as long as it allows your chin to get over the top of the bar, and your arms come to full extension at the bottom.

The scaling option if you DO NOT have pull ups will be ring rows. See the demo video on how to execute those.

The Fireman’s Carry/Farmer’s Walk:

We WILL NOT be doing fireman’s carries, this would require you to have a partner to carry, and for the sake of logistics, we are just going with the farmer’s walks.

For the farmer’s walk, it is 200m, and you will carry dumbbells or kettlebells, one in each hand.

I have 50/53# for the guys, and I know it says 25# for the ladies, but thanks to Dave Castro, the CrossFit Games director, I have more 35# weights than 25#, so ladies, y’all get to toughen up today.

Just because “walk” is in the name of the exercise, does not mean you actually have to walk. You may walk of course, but a brisk walk or jog is fine as well as long as the weights are held at your sides.

You may set the weights down to rest, but please do not drop them on the concrete outside.

The Ring Dips:

These are a very tough movement, and the standards are strict.

Range of motion is full depth at the bottom where your shoulders break the horizontal plane of your elbows, and full lock out of the elbows at the top of the movement completes the rep.

Again, no half reps up or down (bro reps) will count.

The scaling option if you DO NOT have ring dips will be BENCH DIPS or Burpees.

See demo videos for those as well.


The Push Ups:

Normally as prescribed the push ups ARE NOT meant to be hand release push ups, but for the sake of standards, for this event, they WILL be Hand Release Push Ups.

For these you will get on the ground, lift your hands up to show a quick release that your chest is on the floor, and then you will push yourself up to the top position of a plank with your body flat, and your arms fully extended.

Scaling options will include adding a plate under your chest to elevate your floor and make the push up easier, or doing your push ups on your knees.

Both scaling options will still be the hand release variation.

The Knees To Elbows:

As the name implies this is a movement done on the pull up bars in which you lift your legs up high enough in order to touch your knees to your elbows.

For the standard to count, you knees must make contact with your elbow….not at your armpits, not at your triceps, but at your elbows.

This is a tough movement to do strict, but it is also tough to understand the type of energy needed to create momentum to be effective with this movement.

Not to mention the level of fatigue you will most likely have by the time you make it here.

The scaling option is hanging knee raises, with or without momentum is fine.

Ab Mat Sit Ups:

This is one of the simpler movements in the workout.

An ab mat will be provided.

The way this movement is executed is with a butterfly foot and leg position NOT an anchored foot position.

We do this in attempts to minimize the use of your hips, and make your abdominals do most of the work.

When you go back, you must keep your chin tucked on your own, do not let your head touch the floor.

When you come forward, your hands must touch your toes…not your heels, or mid foot, sit all the way up and touch your toes.

The scaling option will be regular crunches with your knees bent and elevated.

If you have any questions about movement standards please let me know.

Everything can be scaled and modified, and there is a “Half Maltz” version where all of the movement reps are cut in half.

If you have any injuries or limitations as mentioned before, we can work around them, but I will need you to disclose that information before the workout begins.

I will have a general waiver on site for everyone to sign upon arrival.

The weather is supposed to be cold and snowy on Friday, and may carry over into Saturday. The event is still 100% go even if that is the case, so plan and dress accordingly.

Feel free to contact me directly if you need anything.

Email: garciara2@gmail.com

Cell: 970-691-2309

Big thanks to Wyatt for helping coordinate all of this, I am excited to meet you all, and I look forward to having a good time.